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Those are rather Off Key questions if you ask me.

Ask Adam, Gemma, and The Gang some questions... but no, Adam will not date you.
Jan 23 '13

iamjustlittleoldme asked:

I miss you

Gemma: But we’ll be back! I know it’s taking a little while, but the gang still has a few stories to tell.

Adam: And I still have a few hats to show off.

Gemma: Of course—we CAN’T forget the hats!

Sep 16 '12

enarie asked:

Hey guys! I don´t have any specific question for you, but I miss you! I just wish I could know more of you soon. So, how are you? how have you been these days?

Gemma: I think it’s safe to say we’re all doing just fine! I’m having fun at school and I have a pretty awesome boyfriend livin’ the good life in New York, and someday when McKenna actually takes the time to draw out our long-awaited third installment of our story, we’ll be reunited again!

Adam: And Sammy’s doing great, too! The band’s been super busy as of late—they got to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few months back, so business has been BOOMING. And I’m guessing Craig and Georgia are havin’ just a GRAND time at the moment—they always are, those lil’ rascals—so the REAL story here is Cardinal! What’s with all these rumors of you having a girlfriend, mister!

Gemma: Yeah, spill the beans! What’s she like? Is she beeee-yooo-tee-full? Have ya KISSED her yet?

Cardinal: Girlfriend?! Slow down you guys! I barely know the girl, she just moved into my apartment—!

Adam: What’s her name? What’s her favorite food? How tall is she? Does she like music?

Cardinal: Isabella, and… I don’t know, coffee-food I guess…? She works part-time at Coffee Corner, so maybe—

Gemma: When are you going to tell her that you wanna kiss her face and junk? You have to tell her that you wanna kiss her face and junk. 

Adam: Say it JUST LIKE THAT, too. Look at her straight in the eyes—dames love it when you look at ‘em straight in the eyes—and say with the manliest voice you can muster, “I wanna kiss your face. And junk.”

Cardinal: You two are awful. 

Sep 16 '12

awkward-chan asked:

Hey Chance! I was wonderin' if you ever think about apologizing about everything you did, or at least feel bad about it?

Chance: Oh yeah, definitely. Truth is, it’s kind of all I ever think about, really. I’m kind of done with the whole music scene. Talk about a one-hit-wonder, heh. But yeah, ever since I got out of rehab I’ve just been keepin’ to myself. Music’s more of a private thing now—I still write a few songs every now and then, and… most of them are about apologizing. I haven’t had the opportunity to tell Gem I’m sorry; I moved out of San Fran and back to my home town in Arizona, so… yeah. Maybe I’ll see her again someday.

It’d probably be better if I didn’t. 

Sep 16 '12

iamjustlittleoldme asked:

Hi, guys. Have you ever seen the musical Wicked?

Cardinal: YES YES YES YES! Oh my goodness, seeing Wicked was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I’m absolutely NUTS about it! My mom used to take me to shows all the time when I was a kid—we even took a vacation to New York one year, and I got to see The Lion King ON BROADWAY. I’ve been trying to drag the gang down to the theater, but it’s so difficult with Gem up in Seattle, Adam and Sam up in New York, and… well, I could take Craig and Georgia if they weren’t sucking face 24/7. 


(Let’s try to get this ask blog up and running again, ha! Haven’t updated it in months!)

Jul 22 '12

fishtailsandsnails asked:

who has the best voice in your group??

Adam, Gemma, Craig, Cardinal, Georgia: SAM.

Samantha: Oh COME ON. Just because I’m the one in the band doesn’t mean I’ve gotta be the best!

Adam: You’re not usually this modest, oh sister-of-mine! I’m surprised!

Samantha: I’m just saying! You know what, I’m serious too—I don’t think I have the best voice at all. I think Craig does, quite honestly. 

Craig: Huh—? Wait a minute, me? I don’t… I don’t sing, though—

Cardinal: Sammy’s got a point, Craig! You’ve got an awesome singing voice!

Gemma: Totally! Back when OUR band was still together, Craig had three or four songs that he specifically sang at shows, since Chance and Cardi and me agreed his voice suited them more.

Georgia: As much as I hate to admit it, it’s true. I love when you sing, Craig. You should do it more often.

Craig: Well… aw, jeez you guys. Um… thanks. I guess. 

Jul 20 '12

beta-blue-eyes asked:

Alrighty! The ultimate female nerd is back again with yet -another- superhero question. This is for the whole gang too! SO. Loki is trying to take over the world AGAIN. You have the chance to become one of the ORIGINAL (movie-verse) AVENGERS. HOLY CRAP. Which Avenger would you like to become and WHY? Also, for kicks, how would you take Loki down? Btw, genders don't matter for this! CHOOSE ANY AVENGER!

Georgia: Wait, we’re taking Loki down? You see, my vote was that Craig would actually be Loki.

Craig: Huh? Wait, I can’t be—

Cardinal: I SECOND THAT.

Gemma: And I THIRD it!

Craig: …*sigh*

Georgia: Anywho. I think I’d like to be Black Widow, I guess…! She’s a bad ass, and I, too, have been referred to as a bad ass in the past, so…

Samantha: Awesome! I call being Hawkeye! We can team up, Georgia!

Georgia: Haha, definitely!

Cardinal: I’m the Hulk, all the way! Bruce Banner’s the BEST! I’d probably… like, never get angry though. Can I be The Happy Hulk? “Don’t make me happy. You wouldn’t like it when I’m HAPPY.”

Gemma: I call being Thor! He’s my favorite Avenger! That way Craig can be like my lil’ baby brother! C’MERE CRAIG, YOU WITTLE PWECIOUS BABY LOKI—

Craig: Oh god.

Adam: And I’d be Captain America. I want to BE Steve Rogers, man. He’s just the epitome of a hero, inside and out! NOW. Onto more important matters! HOW do we take Craig down, guys?

Georgia: Well, I know a FEW of his weaknesses…

Cardinal: EWWWWW, gross Georgia—

Georgia: Not like that! Just sit him down and pop in a sad animal movie, guys. Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis would suffice. Loki would be a pile of sobs in no time!

Craig: Geoooorgia, I told you not to TELL ANYBODY!

Gemma: I’ll grab the movie! Let’s watch it at my place!

Craig: DAMMIT.

Jul 19 '12

fishtailsandsnails asked:

Craig, when you and Georgia were kids did you get along with her siblings? Got any embarassing stories about their relationships?

Craig: Georgia’s sisters LOVED me. It was crazy. Caprice was too old to really ever hang out with me and Georgia, but I got along with Angelica and Eloisa—well, especially Eloisa. She’s sporty, and she’s so… like, low-key. Leo though… god, your brother HATED me. 

Georgia: What? He did not hate you! Leo doesn’t hate anyone.

Craig: Bullshit. I think he had a hit list, Georgia. A hit list that solely contained ME. Does he even… like, know we’re dating?

Georgia: …No… I was too afraid to tell him…

Craig: SEE! The guy can’t stand me! Anyways, nahhh, I don’t have any embarrassing stories I guess… Lots of fun stories, though. Growin’ up was a lot easier with Georgia and the rest of the Morino’s, that’s for sure!

Jul 18 '12

bisbef asked:

Hey Craig! weaslee(.)tumblr(.)com/post/26746088560/georgia-on-my-mind-michael-buble Remind you of anyone special? :D

Craig: Georgia—

Georgia: Hm?

Craig: Georgiaaaa—

Georgia: What. Why are you singing. What.

Craig: The whole. Day. Throuuuugh—

Georgia: You’re freaking me out, babe—

Craig: Just an old sweet SONG… keeps that Georgia on my miiiind—oh, on my mind. I said Georgia—mmmmm, Georgi—Hey. Georgia. Really, Georgia. You okay? Your face is really red.

Georgia: …You’re… Your voice is… I just… Uh, nevermind. I-I’m fine!


It’s a crime I’ve never made Craig a music comic for him to sing to! I’ve always thought of making one to this song, but never really got to it… well, at least we know Georgia would like it!

And in other news, the ask blog inbox is empty! I trashed a good handful of ones that were from MONTHS ago, so if you ever feel like it, pop on by and ask the gang a question!

Jul 16 '12

markiehh asked:

I dunno if anyone's asked this question before but this one goes out to Adam and Gemma! So how would you guys feel if you broke up with one another? In other words, what do you think life would be like without your other half? Also how would you feel emotionally?

Gemma: How would I FEEL? It’d be absolutely horrendous! It’d be like watching the universe being ripped straight in half, or falling off into an endless chasm, or being alone in the dark for the rest of your life—no noise, no life. Just the dark.

Adam: Dude, the lil’ lady nailed it; I should know. I almost lost her once, and I’m definitely never going through it again.

Georgia: Someone’s a bit over-dramatic…!

Craig: No… I think… I think she’s right. 

Georgia: What? Come on, watching the universe get ripped in half?

Craig: How do you think I felt when I left you in Oklahoma? It wasn’t just some walk in the park, Georgia. Not in the slightest. 

Jul 16 '12

cadysbaby asked:

Craig and Georgia. I know you guys fight a lot and pick on each other but I want to know what you like the MOST about one another (no, you can't say nothing).

Craig and Georgia: Nothing.

Gemma: Guys! They JUST SAID not to say “nothing”, why—

Craig: Do you know how hard it is for me to say nice things? 

Georgia: And what do you expect me to say? “I like his personality”? Craig’s personality? He’s CRAIG. There IS no personality—

Craig: Oh give it a rest. I don’t wanna hear any of your Robo-Craig crap! Don’t you think this spiel’s gettin’ a little old, Georgia?

Georgia: It’s true! It’s like you’re a cyborg or something! You’re insensitive!

Craig: Yeaaaaah, says the girl who probably WANTED the dog to die in Marley & Me—

Georgia: Did not!

Craig: You so did!

Georgia: Well—what do you expect! I have allergies! Dogs are a pain for me! I swear, sometimes you just grind my gears—

Craig: I like your passion.

Georgia: —? What?

Craig: I like how passionate you are. About everything. You’re right—I can be a little… heartless. But you make that up for me. You’ve got nothing BUT heart.

Georgia: But—*sigh*. Well, I like that you haven’t given up on me yet. All I ever do is give you trouble, but you forgive me each and every day. How can you be heartless, dummy! You’ve got enough room in that heart to somehow deal with me, and I still don’t know why—

Craig: CuzI love you. That’s why.

Georgia: Yeah… I figured.